There are 6 clans, 5 are well known.  Starclan, Thundeclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan are well known. Skyclan is least known.  Starclan is known because that is were all loyal cats souls would go when they would die. There are some cats in the series that probaly wont be going to Starclan, thats for sure. Starclan holds each clans ancestors, they watch over the clans. Thunderclan is known for the Lightning strike move in battle. The first leader of thunderclan was Thunder. He had a speacial skill of hunting during thunderstorms. Riverclans first leader was named River. Riverclan is known for water combat. Shadowclan's first leader was Shadow. Shadowclan is known for suprise attacks from the shadows. Windclan's first leader was Windstar, the first cat to receive 9 lives. Windclan is known for their speed. Together the 4 ancient leaders worked to make the warrior code. Then Skyclan was made, their first leader was Clearsky, later known Skystar. Skyclan soon vanished because of two-legs taking their territory. Soon after, a mighty leader brought them back. ( not going to say who.) Each clan has a symbol and a territory. Here are pictures....
                                                        As you can see there is also the Tribe of rushing water, Bloodclan, loners & rogues, and Kittypets. You will learn about them in the series.

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