Saturday, March 7, 2015

Warriors: Mapleshade's Vengeance

It is that time again my fellow warrior cats fans! 
Another warrior cats book has come out and rightow it is for pre-order, so if you wanna be a first, go get it for $3.99

I screen -shot the page for this book but I cropped out the details to it to show you guys. So far 5 people rate it 5 starts. That seems like its off f to a good start! I don'
t want to buy books on my Nook because like I said I had to restart everything and I lost all my data. But anyways. Here is a preview to it!
(I do not own any of the following image. Nor do I own the cover, price or rating to this book. All credit belongs to Erin Hunter, the rightful owner of it all. I am here to show people the new book incase they didn't catch it. Thank you.)

Well there you have it! Not much but it is something. Its official publish date is March 24th 2015. So far away, but time flies very quickly. Anyway hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for later posts. Bye!

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