Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Tigerstar is a cat who craved for attention, ambition, and to rule the forest and be leader. Tigerstar thought he was the strongest most powerful cat in the forest, that was until he met Scourge and Firestar. Tigerstar grew up in Thunderclan. He has two kits named Bramblekit ( soon Blambleclaw) and Tawnkit ( soon to be Tawnypelt). Tigerstar never got what he wanted but he will be known for ambition.
To your left is Tigerstar, to your right is Scourge.


Scourge has many fans around him. Scourge was the leader of Bloodclan, his clan was not worthy the ending of "clan". Scourge never had a belief in Starclan, therefore he was a leader with one life. Scourge caused terror in the forest. He was as big as an apprentice but he could end a life of a another cat bigger then he was, with one single death blow. Scourge has long sharp dog-teeth claws. He is probaly 3rd most well knows cat along with Tigerstar.
Scourge is the small, sleek black cat. To your left is Tigerstar.

This is a good animated drawing of scourge.


Firestar is a tie with a most known cat in the whole series. He plays a huge part in all the books, from an apprentice to a leader, he is always loyal to serve his clan. He will do anything to keep the forest safe and most of all, keep his clan safe.


Bluestar is one of the most known cats in the Warriors series. As Firepaws( fireheart firestar) mentor she taught him good deeds, soon on made him deputy. Bluestar was a brave, loyal, understanding cat to her clan.
Real life picture that I found.