Saturday, March 7, 2015

Warriors: Mapleshade's Vengeance

It is that time again my fellow warrior cats fans! 
Another warrior cats book has come out and rightow it is for pre-order, so if you wanna be a first, go get it for $3.99

I screen -shot the page for this book but I cropped out the details to it to show you guys. So far 5 people rate it 5 starts. That seems like its off f to a good start! I don'


Oh my goodness!
We have reached so many views!
1353 views is a goal I have been wanting to reach and I want to thank everyone who takes their time to look at my blog . But only 2 followers. I understand that because I haven't been active lately, but guess what?
I will now be posting fan art of warrior cats scenes, characters and more to this blog! I love to draw and I bought a drawing app so hey, why not do you guys a favor? Though I lost all my drawing data and I literally was working on the best piece of art I have ever done, its okay, I can start over. I am just so glad that I managed to put tons of my art on Google+, so if you want to check it out, go there!

Gah!! Internet problems+tablet problems

My fellow warrior cat fans I am so sorry!
My internet had to be changed because something happened to the box out of nowhere and it took about 2 weeks until we got service to change the box and install a new one.
Then, my tablet.
My NookHD+ would not all me to do much as it kept shutting off each time I opened something. At one point it came to a plain white screen and did nothing. Luckly, yesterday, my brother came (25 years old) and managed to fix the error. He had to restart EVERYTHING so I lost all my data and I had to start fresh.
But now I am just happy that my tablet works 100x better and now I am back to blogging!